We do these services:

  • Consult and advise
  • Take orders by phone, e-mail
  • Make
  • Deliver new products
  • Measure, assemble
  • Unassemble old doors, windows and take them away
  •  Decorate
  •  Guarantee service
  • Offer you to buy by installment (UAB "Lateko Lizingas")

We separate three most important stages of assembling doors and windows: aperture measuring, assembling of the product and decoration.

Windows and doors are made by precisely measured their apertures. The assemblers take out old doors or windows, when they arrive. The next stage is installing of new windows and fastening them with screws or assembling slabs. The space between casement and jamb is filled with polyurethane foam. The last stage of assembling windows or doors is decoration (plastering or applying PVC tapes).

For more information contact our managers or visit our BALTIC windows shops!


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